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By ledsolution6495617, Jul 15 2015 04:29PM

Above you will see a before and after picture of our LED installation. On the left you will see an 8 ft fixture with two 60 watt fluorescent lights totaling 120 watts. On the right you will see two 22 watt LED lights per 8 ft fixture totaling 44 watts. This is a 63% energy savings per fixture with more light output and a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

By ledsolution6495617, Jul 15 2015 03:18PM

What you will see above are before and after photos of an LED installation we completed this week. The first photo will show the fluorescent lighting used in most applications today with each 8 ft fixture totaling in 150 watts. The second photo will show what type of quality our LED lights provide with each 8 ft fixture totaling in 88 watts. Lastly, our LED lights do not need an external ballast to be powered. LED lights are self driven. This results in a 41% savings!

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