Enhancing your property & your bottom line. Upgrade with zero costs.

How Lighting as a Service Impacts your Organization

LED Solution designs, installs, and maintains your lighting upgrade for the duration of the term. We handle and standby every aspect of your upgrade allowing you to focus on your business.

  • No Upfront Costs
  • Immediate Savings
  • Maintenance During Contract
  • Extended Product Warranty’s
  • Improve Business Productivity
  • Increase Safety
  • Achieve Sustainability Goals


What is Lighting as a Service?

A unique financing tool that allows organizations to upgrade to LED with no upfront cost and generate immediate savings.

How Much Will I Save?

LED Solution can define how much you will save by performing a free, no cost or obligation, energy audit of your facility. With this information, you can know exactly how this upgrade will impact your business and make the best decision for your facilities.

How Do I Save?

Through the reduction of energy consumption used to power your lights (average of 70%) and the elimination of lighting related maintenance.

What Products do you use?

Our vendor agnostic approach means we only use the products that work for you and your property. Our solutions team leverages years of experience to design the best possible solution and technology applications to achieve your goals.

What about my Sustainability goals?

LED upgrades are the first step in any sustainability goals due to the savings they generate for the organization and the massive positive environmental impact they create. With every project we provide an environmental impact report so you can know before investing how impactful this upgrade will be for the environment.